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    Nanofiber technology is changing the way people look at fibers

    Welcome to FibeRio®The Force for Nanofibers®. Leading companies in apparel, filtration, medical, electronic and other markets are differentiating their products using nanofiber technology because nanofibers achieve superior performance to other porous materials, offer competitive advantage by replacing commoditized materials, and enable new-to-world products. FibeRio enables market leaders to rapidly develop and commercialize nanofiber based products using proprietary award winning Forcespinning® technology. Read more

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    Forcespinning enables nanofiber solutions

    “Centrifugal force spinning (Forcespinning) machines can create fibers from a wider variety of materials, and more cost effectively, than current technology.”

    – Society of Manufacturing Engineers


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    • MERV 15 V-Bank Filter With Nanofibers
    • Nanofibers 3
    • Superhydrophobic Nanofibers
    • Nanofibers 2
    • Diameter comparison: Human Hair vs. Nanofiber
    • Nanofibers filtering nano sized dust particulate
    • Nanoparticles evenly distributed throughout the fiber
    • PVDF
    • Polybutylene Terepthalate
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